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User:Isaac Lawrence

Isacc, Some very good additions to Robbie, but there are a bunch of things you'll need to correct before acceptance. Not picking on you - just trying to teach you.

> real_name = Joseph "Robbie" Robertson Real name is where we put the true name, no nicknames

>identity = Publicly known It's "no dual identity" for folks who don't have an alter-ego to make "publicly known"

>citizenship = Citizen of the United States with a criminal record (pardoned) Correct format should just say "U.S." not "citizen of"

>weapons = Pipe ?? Frankly, I think the whole "pipe" bit should go. It made it to print, despite my protest against it. The Marvel U is pretty much a no-smoking policy zone now. Even Wolvie doesn't chomp his cigars anymore.

>significant_issues = Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #52 (September, 1967); Spectacular Spider-Man #149 thru 157 (April, 1989 - November, 1989)

Would be great if you can add why these issues are significant. See the online bibliography at: for examples and formatting. Here's one for Bedlam - note always in the past tense. "Significant Issues: With Domino & X-Force, vs Grayznova (X-Force #82, 1998); reunited with brother, declined to join his New Hellions, sided with X-Force against him (X-Force #87-90, 1999); received martial arts memories (X-Force #94, 1999); trained by Wisdom (X-Force #107, 2000); seemingly killed in explosion (X-Force #115, 2001); crucified on Xavier Institute grounds, died (Uncanny X-Men #423, 2003)"

You've bracketted a lot of new things for linkage - many of which do not have links yet - Tombstone, Smasher, Kat Farrell, etc. Take those out.

The image - too low resolution. We need to find a pic to do Robbie justice. Give it another shot, --MikeFichera 14:28, 8 March 2006 (EST)

Further notes on profiles. You did a nice set of expansions on Josiah X, but I had to make several edits. Notably, in relatives, the format for presenting a relative with a dual identity is "Elijah Bradley (Patriot, nephew)", not "Patriot - Elijah Bradley (nephew)". Also niece was spelt correctly before you changed it, and they are unidentified nieces, not unnamed (presumably they have names, we just don't know them).