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The thought of Jazbah's mind.

His secret idenity is unknown, but his alternate idenity is known. Shadow basically a un-stoppable force. He uses his super mutant healing abilitys to heal his limbs, or any brain cells. Shadow is strong enough to over power the Hulk. Fortunatly he uses his powers to benifit New York and man-kind.
His arch nemisis is Thunder. Shadow and Thunder have had numorous fights. Once Thunder has killed Shadow and desposed of his body. Thunder was on the brink of taking over New York with his ElectroTroops. Shadow appeared just in time to save New York and to drive Thunder away from New York for three months of Thunder free New York. Unfortunatly for Shadow, he has multipul enemys. Whirlpool a thief granted water based powers. Whirlpool's powers include: Maniplation of his form, from a soild into a liquid. Control of a small amount of water, creating a water monster to do his bidding. Whirlpool first used his monster to try to destroy New York. Whirlpool's water-monster almost destoryed New York and Shadow. Fortunatly, Shadow's smaller villain, Hot-Head evaporated Whirlpool and His massive 

water-monster because he wanted to be the one that finish Shadow for good.

Hot-Head, a teenager that was granted mutant powers, simular to the Human Torch's. Hot-Head didn't name him self.
Shudder, a buisness man turned mad man, using his powers to control a small amount of earth. Later when Shudder has found out the limit of his powers, he trys to take over New York with his powers. Shadow left, to prosude Thunder, to prevent him to do ferther more damage. Seasing the oppertunity Shudder uses Earthminyins to take over New York, and he destoryed anyone who got in his way. New York on the brink of destruction was saved by Shadow yet again.

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