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Help The JOKA

Can someone help me out i dont know what is going on with the CIVIL WAR because it is sold out every were so i cant read it so i dont really know what the deals is accept what i have read on here. Oh and THE HOUSE OF M ?????

Click these links: Civil War and House of M. They explain it far better than I could.And as for your sold outproblem,check to seeif your local comic book store has a subscription service. At the store where I buy my comics, they have a subscription service in which they will ´´reserve´´ the comics of your choice. Then you just pick upthe comics when you can, and you even get a discount based on how many comics you buy per month. I don´t know if it´s the same way at other stores, or even if other stores even have subscription services, but it´s worth a shot, I guess. user:sononsj