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Marvel Universe 



Earth 616

Real Name
William James Shivers Jr

Da Life, King Kardinal, Junyah, Champion, Mp, PFC, Johnny Two Fist

Kardinal (Thee Utmost)

United States of America

Place of Birth
Boston Massachusetts

First Appearance
New Xmen 11

On Deadpools many trips to Death through dismemberment and decapitation, he shared numerous encounters and exchanges. Thought to be impossible, death being in her womanly form gave birth to a child. Death being not good or evil but a entity that plays both sides of the Earth 616 Spectrum, Sent Kardinal to live and not spend Eternity in Death itself. Knowing the perils her son would have to take to fit in and live in life, she prepared him with a special gift. A gift that would manifest in himself at maturity.

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