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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name

Weapon Y

Known only to certain Canadian Government groups, most likely the Weapon X program


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Wolverine: First Class, #5

Wolverine: First Class, #5

Not much is known about this former Canadian soldier. After receiving severe injuries while serving over-seas, Citadel and several other soldiers were sent to a clinic which promised them cutting-edge technology for their treatment. However, once they arrived, Government scientists grafted adamantium to their bodies, which slowly poisoned them. They then sought compensation for their suffering and kidnapped the Governor General of Canada, holding her hostage at the La Citadelle De Quebec. The Alpha Flight (which, at the time, included the soon-to-be [1], [2]) of the Canadian superhuman-monitoring Department H was sent in to neutralize the situation, with Wolverine heading directly to the Governor, whom Citadel was guarding. Citadel was able to go undetected from Wolverines enhanced senses because of his similar smell, due to the adamantium exoskeleton, and was thus able to take the upper hand of the situation. After some brief fighting and conversing with Wolverine, he was temporarily stunned by a neuro-taser blast from Canadian Intelligence agent Kinney, who had taken command of the situation shortly after Alpha Flight got there. Kinney then refused to give any information on Citadel, and remarked that he officially was not there. His men took Citadel away and treatments were searched for in vain to cure his poisoned body. Years later, after leaving Canada and joining the X-men, Wolverine received a message from former Alpha flight member [3], who had been watching over Citadel. He explained that Citadel's condition had gotten considerably worse, and Wolverine realized that he could be medicated with the use of [4]'s phasing powers. Unfortunately, Citadel died by the time they arrived.

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