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Marvel Universe 

User:Knight slayer


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Scott White

KS,knight boy



Place of Birth
California(now lives in New York)

First Appearance
Spider-man issue #2008

Knight slayer #1(2008)

Scott is a bright young kid,but he doesn't know what to do with his life.But he would find out on the night of March 14 when he would embrace the powers of his life super powers that is.He knew it would be difficult but it was worth trying it .On the night of the bank robbery that would change his life forever.Now Scott was a normal young kid but all of that was about to change.On the night of the robbery he decided to use his powers to the test he fought a great battle and saved 25 people that were held hostages including the love of his life(whom's name is still unknown).This is the birth of Knight slayer!!

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