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User:Kozmik Pariah



Kozmik_Pariah, Kozzie_Bear, K_P, KP

Generally Known

United States of America

Place of Birth
Augusta, Ga

First Appearance
Mommy & Daddy Present Ryan Showcase Tales #1, June, 1979

...figure that one for yourself.

I'm Kozmik_Pariah, and I read lots of X-Men stuff, and Spider-Stuff. I am known to enjoy certain books by the Distinguished Competition, but Make Mine Marvel, yeah. I have contributed to several characters, but I'm not always credited for them, which seems to be a common problem. So far, I have made contributions to Sinister, Nightcrawler, Cyber (I actually did his page when he didn't have one), Emma Frost, and, although they haven't been put up, I did the entire Dark Riders 2nd incarnation team bios. Yay!