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Marvel Universe 


Universe Earth Real Name Lee Robert Freeman Aliases "Bob", Cyk, Spud, Identity Publicly known Occupation School boy Citizenship England Place of Birth Ashton-u-Lyne,Manchester, England Known Relatives Arthur Freeman (grandad), Margaret Freeman (grandma), Matthew Freeman (father), Karen Freeman (mother), Tony Freeman (uncle), Phillis Freeman (aunty), Elizabeth Freeman (cousin), Ben Freeman (cousin), John Freeman (uncle), Graham Simpson (grandad), Mary Simpson (grandma), Daron Simpson (uncle), Catherine Simpson (aunty), Ryan Simpson (cousin), Tom Simpson (great-uncle, deceased), Jean Simpson (great-aunty) Group Affiliation Manga and Graphic Novel Readers Group, Hurst Cross Drama Group (former) Education Secondary school Height 5'3" Weight Unknown Eyes Green Hair Blonde Powers None Abilities Talented artist and writer Paraphenalia Lucky Charm Origin 17 th September 1996 Significiant Issues None