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Marvel Universe 



Prime Universe

Real Name
Unrevealed (presumed Jack Logan)

Mad Jack, MJL, Knightwolf, Krazywolf, Ace o' Hara, John Stalk, Epsilon 616, Keeper of the Flame, The Chaos-Bringer, Fire03

Known by Authorities

Citizen of The United States with minor criminal record

Place of Birth
Munster, Indiana

First Appearance


Born in Indiana, The enigmatic figure known as Jack Logan stumbled from the crop fields and haystacks into a life of comic collecting. With his first comics bestowed upon him by his father, he began collecting comics in the Early ‘90s. Comics such as Deathlok, the Spectacular Spider-man, Ghost Rider, Doom 2099 and Wolverine were among his favorites. As time passed, he could no longer afford comics which had gone from a mere dollar an issue to two dollars. On a penny and dime income (Jack was still but a child), It was impossible to continue collecting. Jack collected on and off for several years.

After a turn of events, Jack had to spend his summer at his aunt’s residence. There he had to work performing everyday choirs. After finishing these choirs, Jack was allotted a sum of money. After saving a whopping two dollars, His grandmother took him to the mall. There he found a small bookstore. His grandmother thought he was going to get a nice book to read, but instead saw something else: A comic rack! As he poured over the dozens of titles, Jack carefully examined each and ever issue. His eyes caught in a devilish trace until he picked up Spectacular Spider-man # 260. Sporting a dashing cover by John Romita Sr., Jack was enthralled. The comic was smack dab in the middle of a story-arc called the “Goblins at the Gate” which featured not one, but two goblins! Jack was instantly a comic reader again. From then on, Jack began collecting comics regularly and a full-fledged Marvel Fanatic.

Now collecting over a dozen Mighty Marvel Mags a week, Jack has become a frequent at the local comic shop. Wanting to participate in the chronicling of the Marvel Universe and use his mind-numbing skills to good use, Jack has begun adding tid-bits to the Marvel Universe (This little sub-section of


My contributions to the Marvel Universe...