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Marvel Universe 




Real Name
C Harris Lynn

Oy, That Guy...

U.S., Natural-born

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Renegade BBS. GeoCities (defunct).

At or around three-four years old, Manodogs received Kiss, the self-titled debut album. Dad left drumset unmonitored while away at work. At eight years of age, Father bought him a three-pack of Marvel Comics to read while riding to Florida on vacation and left him unmonitored in the backseat. Years later, following a nasty break-up, father left Tandy computer - completely hosed by Radio Shack and thought unserviceable - unmonitored while away at work. In all of these cases, Manodogs' power of Taking Things Too Far manifested without warning.

Growing up, Manodogs wanted to be a sequential artist/writer, but wound-up a rock musician, instead. Along the way, he managed to work in a few retail shops, attend several cons, and amass a killer comics collection and tabletop RPG library. Following an accident which left him disabled, he returned to the four-color world of capes and hoods and developed a website devoted to tabletop RPG, comic books and the comics industry, and other interests. He hopes one day to write and pencil print comic books but will always operate [1].

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