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User:Marcus Spector

  Marcus Spector is a long time comic book fan. His love for sci-fi and mystery has earned him the nickname “Captain Insano”. Marcus wishes to become a movie director, or a writer (novelist, comic book writer, or screenplay writer). He has a fondness for the art of acting, and the pop art. He is known among his peers to be a dedicated, hard working, artist of his generation.
 Marcus was raised in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, and has a history notoriously full of comedic, Sienfeld style predicaments, and  silly adventures.
 He annually attends several conventions and continuously conceives ideas for future projects.
 He is ,obviously, a Moon Knight fan, and has as such changed his last name to match that of Marc Spector.
 Some of his projects include the pseudo-intellectual “Ghost Rider 101” series, which was originally intended to be a weekly internet show, but due to stupidity and boringness, was soon cancelled.
 Marcus now works on a script for a “Moon Knight” movie, and wishes to—if not star in it—write and direct the film.

He is known on the web as: YelloSnoMan,(on, XBOX LIVE, and various websites); IamBobaFett (on; Marc Spector (on, and various sites); Geonosis Marcus (, and various sites); and Pissed_off_elite (on