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Marvel Universe 

User:Mental patient


Standard Universe

Real Name
Andrew Smith

Peter Miller, Marcu Barnatu, The Mental Patient

Publicly Known


Place of Birth
Danbury, Connecticut

First Appearance
July 3rd, 1990

The Mental Patient #1

When Andrew Smith was ten his brother and him began to have visions of the future. His visions were of US agents capturing and violently torturing US citizens. When Andrew began to tell people of these visions he was declared legally insane and placed in a mental facility. After the first few months he began to believe that he actually was crazy. During his imprisonment his mental powers developed uncontrollably. After 7 years he escaped and trailed across the United States leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Many heroes tried to stop his rampage but with simply a look he was able to bring them to their knees. Once his visions began to come true He stopped his rampage across the country.

After the mental workers realized that what he said was the truth they released him. Once he was liberated he went in search of his family. During his search, as he began to think clearly he realized that he had become a genius due to the mental stimulations of his powers. His search came to an end when he found that his brother had gone insane and used his powers to brutally murder his parents. Once Andrew learned this he went on a hunt for his brother. He was shocked at what he found. Now he was the super villain known as Dark Angel because of his new wings. Damien tried to kill Andrew to finally prove that he was better. What followed was a clash of two super powered beings like never before, which ended in a tie.

After the battle, which was publicly broadcast, Andrew's sister, Sarah, came in search of him. She had heard the rumors but never believed that they were true. Eventually Andrew's powers exceeded his mental capacity and began to cause seizures and hemorrhaging. Sarah took Andrew to the only place she thought could help, Xavier Institute For Higher Learning. Professor Charles Xavier diagnosed the problem the problem and theorized a plan to subdue his mental expansion. Xavier thought that the reason for the breech of mental capacity was because of the fact that humans only use 10% of their brains. He thought that Andrew's powers had simply exceeded this 10%, not the entire mental capacity. His plan was to try and break down the barriers in Andrew's mind. To do this he gathered all the skilled psychics to lower the mental walls blocking his full potential. The process took many hours but eventually they all agreed to have succeeded in remedying the situation. Xavier has admitted that if his powers continue to grow at such a fast rate Andrew's hemorrhaging and seizures will eventually return.