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Marvel Universe 

User:Mister Extreme


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Joey Luxton

Mister Extreme (Super hero name)



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Captain Extreme issue #1

Mister Extreme was given his power thanks to his great grandfather. Just before his passing, he gave Joey a small pill. He told him it was the same drug that gave Catain America his powers. Joey didn't think much of it but he remembers his grandfather word to this day. "One day it will come for you too make a decison. The important thing is you choose it your own way". Joey became a young stunt man doing small stuff behing his building "GREENHILL". One day while of his skateboard his tried to jump off the third floor of his building without getting hurt, he landed on his legs wrong and broke them, doctors told him he'd never walk again. Soon an old friend of his great grandfather's stoped by for a visit, Captain America. He reminded Joey of his great grandfather's words. Then Joey told Cap about the pill, Cap told Joey that the world alwways needed heros and as much as didn't want him to get hurt he told him the decision. Joey took the pill and became Mister Extreme. From there he joined the Young Avengers. Unfortunatly Super Skrull found out Mister Extreme's true identity and threated to kill his younger brother Hockeyman if he didn't quiet the Young Avengers. With the aid of the Young Avengers Captain Extreme killed Super Skrull once and for all but not before his brother died from escaping the Super Skrull's ship too late. Recentley Mister Extreme has sided with Cap in the Civil War.