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Marvel Universe 



The so-called "Real World"

Real Name
Lenny Gibeault III

The Left In-step of Doom!

Not so much secret as insignifigant.


Place of Birth
Waterbury, CT

First Appearance

Varies with amount of disembling engaged in at any moment.

At the tender age of 11, Lenny fell in love with the world of comics, especially Spiderman, the X-men(along with all the other X-titles), Wolverine and the Hulk. Over the years his appetites grew(usually in direct proportion to his stomach) but he also began to take interest in comics he'd previously overlooked, like the Avengers, Thor, the oh-so-brief Infinity Watch and many others. He had a brief love affair with the alternat-universe adventures to be found in What If and really enjoyed the first two Infinity mini-series, Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Wars. Lenny only started reading any of the Distinguished Competition's publications after their many animated series debuted, since he has ever been a loyal Marvel fan, but, regrettably, he has never recieved a no-prize(and he secretly believes that they are really some sort of inside joke or something, and aren't actual, tangible prizes at all). These days, other than comics, Lenny's interests lie in video games played on his trusty 360(no red rings of death here), reading such fantasy fare as A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin(and wondering if a Dance of Dragons will ever be finished, or if it hasn't already been completed and they won't publish it just to spite him) and The Wheel of Time by Robert Jorden(RIP, he recently passed away with the work unfinished, something Lenny has secretly feared since half way through the series) and Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels(just in case nobody noticed his user name or failed to recognize it, Munstrum is an alternate spelling of Mustrum, as in Ridcully, a character from the Discworld and the Arch-Chancellor of the Disc's magical college: Unseen University). One day Lenny hopes to be a successful writer(meaning he wants writing to be his full time job, a wealthy writer is a rare thing indeed)of fiction; preferably fantasy, sci-fi or comics(his child-hood dream)and is laboring to that end diligently.

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