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Real Name
Trenton A Centinal




Place of Birth

First Appearance
no public appearances


Poor young Trenton had a preagnent teen as a mother,so he was abandoned in a dumpster as a new born.Luckly a local computer wiz was dumpster diving for scrap parts & found young Trenton to take him home.As Trenton grew older, he learned alot about computers, more than anyone really did.However, as Trenton also grew up to find, his computer smarts wasnt the only thing that seemed unhuman about him,the failed birth-control pills his mother was on seemed to give him this abillity of incredible stealth & fitness, & his accuracy was as if it was not from this earth:he could be 5 blocks down from a bar,throw a dart, & hit a bullseye.Trenton's 'father' was very pleased with his new found 'son'.However,all was not good for this Centinal 'family',Trenton one day doing his computer hacking(in wich his father never knew about) accidentally hacked a top secret government file source.But only a few minutes afterwards an F.B.I. vechical rolled in there driveway,Trenton shut down the computer,hid in the closet & watched...watched as the government agents busted down the door & shot Trentons 'father'.

A few weeks later,the F.B.I. came to erase all evidence of there home,Trenton knowing about this however,left ahead of time.So there he was,walking down the streets as a 19 year old with no home,no money, no one to turn to,just his what seemed like inhuman abillities & the clothes on his back.So Trenton decided to see where he could get on the abillities that were seemingly useless.He used his stealth,flexibility, & smarts to rob a bank without any traces of him doing so.Trenton was plentiful when it came to wealth, he could have bought a mansion if he wanted to do, instead he got a room at the cheapest motel he could find,as for the rest of the money,he bought the materials for a leather & medal suit he called the U.Ntr.Ac.E.Abl.E.He also buyed the materials & equipment to build a computer like no other,with his own service so the government couldnt trace what he did.The U.Ntr.Ac.E.Abl.E was also equiped with many weapons & gadgets, enough to raid & kill a whole metroplex & not get caught,just in case.He used his Highly Advanced Computer Killer(the H.A.C.K)to see what the government was doing without ever being traced.

Although all his spying seemed useless,it payed of one day when he sall some new chemical the government was making that they thought would cure cancer,Although when Trenton did his reasearch,turns out,that chemical would really kill anyone who came into contact with it.When Trenton knew he had to do something,it was time for the U.Ntr.Ac.E.Abl.E.Although he thought his inhuman abilities would be enough,he couldnt get past 3rd level of security.Once he had met his match & went back 'home' to heal himself,the government seemed to have got a picture of him,therefore his face(in the U.Ntr.Ac.E.Abl.E) was all over the media.He could not leave in that suit without being hunted down by cops,special agents, & hitmen.But he could not be victorious in his 2nd try o save the world without the U.Ntr.Ac.E.Abl.E.So he had to take his judgement the only way he could; kill those who tried to kill him,soon he got so cocky with his little killing spree he started joking about it every battle,as if it was a game.

Although his killing toward the government didnt help with his allready ruined reputation,he didnt care,all he cared about was saving the world(whether people knew it was him who was there savior or not).Untill he was visited by an unknown group known as 'Negative 99',they told him that they knew the samething about this chemical killer the government was making, & that Trenton must meet up & be afilliated with one person; Sarah Malee.Turns out,when Trenton was supposed to be on a mission by knowing this woman,he instead got carried away & established a romantic relationship with her.However at the end of Trenton's victorious attempt to save the world, he soon figured out that 'Negative 99' was a hitman organization who needed Sarah dead, & knew that if she was to be connected in any way to Trenton she would surely die.In the end instead of getting mad & killing 'Negative 99' he went to Sarah's grave & promised he would never kill again.

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