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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name

that guy, oi you!! and how did you get past the guard



Place of Birth

started out in a small town in NZ but moved to America when he Relised he had powers he joined hydra and took a joba as an assassin on his third job the avengers caught up and had a fight he was losing so he ran off and hid with Hydra before going to the Canada branch. He worked somemore for them until Alpha Flight caught him and sent him to jail he easily escaped as he did not revel to Alpha Flight his abilities and was sent to a normal prison. After escaping he traveled to Japan and bacame an assassin for The Hand. He did numerous jobs for them until Sunfire attacked him in an electrical pant he was electrocuted with radioactive materials on him along with him mutant abilties it caused a reaction in his atoms resulting in new powers showing themselves with this new found confidence he contuied working and had another altication with sunfire this time he won and was able to absorb some of sunfires power, augmenting his pyrokinesis and energy absobing powers further. After a while he got bored and went back to America where after a fight he was defeted and nearly dead. Rumor has it he is in a coma being brought back by Doctor Doom

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