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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Klara Prast

Rose Red, Tower of Flower


Erstwhile Swiss, then American immigrant; currently: none

Place of Birth
Bern, Switzerland

First Appearance
Runaways #27

Runaways #28

Being born in Bern around the time of 1895 Klara grows up on her parents' farm. However the girl has always “talked“ to plants as she calls it, falsely believing this ability to be a normal one and that this was the way all plants grew. Her parents upon realizing this and believing their daughter's ability to be a curse, they marry Klara off to Mr Prast, a far older man who then immigrates to the USA with the girl.

By the time the Runaways arrive in 1907 Mr Prast has taken to drinking and abusing his then 12 year old wife aside from sending her to work in a child factory and forcing her to sell the flowers after talking them into growing.

One day the factory she works in catches fire and the Runaways step in to save the children. Klara however managed to escape herself thanks to the flowers whereby Karolina sees her. Klara is then seen a second time by Karolina as her husband beats her, which is why Karolina and Molly try to talk the young mutant into joining them to escape her abusive husband. Hesitant to agree Klara runs away after witnessing how Karolina kisses Xavin in female form since she has been brought up to regard homosexuality as a sin. Though eventually she joins the Runaways on their way to the present time after being beaten up severely by her husband once again.

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