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Marvel Universe 




Real Name
Rob Lopez

Bob, Bobby, Rob-X

known to most


Place of Birth
Dinuba, CA

First Appearance
Robspidey #1

Tales to Astonish Not So Much 0#

Robspidey grew up in Orange Cove, California, a small town where a boy had no choice but to dream big. He rode his bike and hung out with friends Corey, Eric and Clint. He listened to music, read comics (Spider-Man and Batman being his favorites), and drew and wrote his own stories. Star Wars was his inspiration, so much of his life was spent dreaming up his own science-fiction world.

In his teens he met a fellow artist, Max, who asked Rob to help him understand the new rolepaying game he had purchased. It was Robotech, and a year-long campaign was born. Rob developed his own templates and settings for the game and eventually began working on his own game.

He went to Reedley College and continued plying his craft under the tutelage of Sam Rae, a Scott artist of local renown. There Rob met his first and long-time on again off again girlfriend Michelle, and his best friend Aaron. Rob also got into theater and tried his hand at both acting and directing.

For over a decade Rob would have various jobs in office settings, spending his free time gaming, collecting comics, drawing and writing. Although he loves the quiet life the central valley brings, he longs to launch one of his many projects. His most developed project is his own science-fiction/horror game. He is also working on his own science-fiction comic and collaborating on a speculative-fiction webcomic with an altogether different Max--Maxine, a friend he met on an X-Men roleplay-by-post game online.

He resides in Fresno, California and is dating Ali, a music business major at FCC.

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