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Real Name
Chasity Ryan-Keller

Chase Ryan, Chase Keller, Chase Cruz, Summer Kane

Unknown (known by authorities)


Place of Birth
Dallas, Texas, USA

First Appearance
X-Men Origins: Sapphire Star #1

Chase Ryan was born into wealth. Her father was one of the wealthiest men in Texas, he owned his own contracting business. After his death, her mother Anabelle moved on to another rich man, Dominic Kane. Chase's new step-father was a great man, he own many investment agencies throwout the U.S.A. Chase had everything she wanted, until she discovered her mutant abilities.
 While her mother & step-father were away on business, Chase had the mansion to herself. So she had a couple of her close friends over: Nori, Suzie, Kitty, & Sofia. Even though Sofia & Chase were rivals since the day Chase met Julian, she still wanted her to come anyways. While time passed, Sofia got heated. She & Chase started to argue about Hellion (Julian), & Chase pointed her hands towards a picture of her & him. She blew it up. That's when she first discovered her powers. Then she moved into the X-Mmansion with her friends. 
 When Chase moved into the X-Mansion, she began to discover all of her mutant abilities. She found out that she could control time molecules in 3 different ways, she could move things with her mind, she also discovered that she had a force field that acted without her will. After her long stay at the X-Mansion, she began a relationship with the X-Man called Tag. The two dated for several years, then got married & had a daughter named Brooklynn. Soon after their daughter was born Chase filed for divorce. A year after their divorce, Chase moved back into X-Mansion & rejoined the team under the codename Sapphire Star. 
 Soon after her return to the mansion, Chase started to date Julian Keller, Hellion. The two had always talked about dating, but never did. After 2 years of dating, they decided to marry, & take Brooklynn & move to California. There Chase gave birth to twins, Ethan Shicahry & Gillian Mari Keller. 3 years after the birth of the twins, the family decided to move back to New York, not to X-Mansion, just close enough to rejoin the team. 
Now again as Sapphire Star, Chase battles against her arch enemy the Scarlet Witch & the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, along side of the X-Men.

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