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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name

Flood II, rylord, Ryaan Germane, R24Z, formerly Monstrosity

Known only to members of the Grand Leaders of the Symbiotes

Many planets, but on Earth-U.S.A.

Place of Birth
Unknown, beleived California or the Symbiote Homeworld

First Appearance



Simbiote101 is a "Nickname" of sorts granted by a symbiote leader on a planet in the Epsilon Indy system. Little is known about the human/symbiote hybrid called Simbiote101 before this time. He was combined from 2 separate life forms via gene-splicing. He was made a Senator due to him not being completely towards the Symbiote cause. After finding his way to Earth, the Creature Decided to blend in to the main populus...insects. After this yeilded no information, he decided to study another primitive race - humans. The longer he stayed, the more he felt at home around these creatures that seemed so much to be a related part of him. He found out about the mutant population very soon after, and with them heroes and villains. He studied these until Spider-Man appeared from the Secret War with the symbiotic black suit. While Spider-Man was asleep, Simbiote101 communicated with the symbiote, convincing it it was time the suit took over. This desicion eventually led to the creation of the anti-hero, Venom (Eddie Brock). The suit did not allow Brock this knowledge though, for fear of Simbiote101's discovery. Eventually, Venom found and fought 101, until the hybrid could not stand fighting it`s "Brethren". After the birth of Carnage and later Toxin, along with the clonage of Scream, Phage, Riot, and other Life Foundation Symbiotes, 101 found and collected DNA after losing fights with rivals. While categorizing the specimens, the Carnage sample attacked Simbiote101, in the process freeing the other samples, all fighting to bond with the hybrid to survive. The result was a massive creation, the birth of which caused all Symbiote organisms on Earth to come to the spot. By this time, 5 of the 6 Life Foundation symbiotes came together to form Hybrid with Scott Washington. Venom dubbed the creature Monstrosity, which them blasted Hybrid and Venom with a Sonic Grenade. The creature was eventually defeated with the combined might of the Earth hosts. The samples died near San Fransisco, California, with a collapsing Simbiote 101 saying "I`m dying close to home." leading some to beleive 101 is dead, but no body has been recovered.