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marvel universe

Real Name

tiger,hot head,spidey


currently U.S.A., formerly Skrullos (Skrull homeworld).

Place of Birth
new york,new york

First Appearance
Waaaay long ago!

(See above).

Yeah, right...

Better than "Why Can't We Be Friends..."


No, really!

Hey, I'm Sononsj and my area of expertise is Spider-Man, though I enjoy all Marvel comics. Besides Spider-Man comics, I also enjoy X-Men comics (my favorite characters are Wolverine and X-23), Fantastic Four comics (my favorite characters are the Human Torch and the Thing), and Spider-Man comics with guest appearances. Recently, I've been really interested in alternate realities.

As a young child, I was abducted by Skrulls. They performed several tests on me. Eventually I escapedwhen I realized that they didn't have any comics on Skrullos. I made it to Earth, only to find that the comics were all sold out. So, I got a subscription!

The first super-powered menace I fought was The Bagle, who had the amazing ability to control assorted pastries. I ate as many pastries as I could (the croissants were especially delicious) so he had less minions. I ate 113% of the world's pastries (I actually baked the extra 13% myself because I was in the mood for croissants). I then defeated The Bagle by dunking him in coffee.

All of my "Sonon" nicknames are old nicknames from when I was really young. All the ``Slash´´ nicknames are old nicknames I got because I'm named after my father, whose name is >CENSORED<, but everyone calls me by my middle name, >censored< so they don't mix us up. At school, they called me >CENSORED<, but I told everyone to call me >censored< because I was used to that. Everyone started calling me >CENSORED</>censored<(>CENSORED< SLASH >censored<). Eventually, they shortened it to just the slash, so Slash was born. Slushie was because someone called me Slashie, but they heard it wrong and said Slushie. Trash, Cash, Bash, ect. is because someone mockingly called me those because they rhyme with Slash. Berry is... now that I think of it, I don't know. Captain is because I wore a certain shirt, and, acording to Irish, "Sausage" is what my name sounds like when said out loud.

I started the whole "using a template for user pages fad". That's right, you're looking at the original template user page.



I have done literally hundreds of edits. Some of the many bios I created are:

Aftershock (MC2)

Avengers (MC2)

Avengers All Had Beards (Earth-200500)

Daily Bugle (Building)

Emma Frost Could Read My Mind (Earth-200525)

Fantastic Five (MC2)

Fantastic Four Reached The Moon (Earth-200513)

Female Venom Spawn (Donna)

Green Goblin (Phil Urich)

Gray Goblin (Gabriel Stacy)

Hybrid (Scott Washington)

Marvel Heroes Aged In Real Time (Earth-200515)

Marvel Zombies (Earth-2149)

Maximum Carnage

MC2 (Earth-982)

M.O.D.O.K. Had An Itch (Earth-200511)

Parker, Ben

Parker, Peter (MC2)

Scarlet Spider (MC2)

Spider-Man (Marvel Zombies)

Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)

Symbiote Took Over Spider-Man (Earth-1089)

Ultimate Ultimate Universe (Earth-200501)

Venom (Marvel Zombies)

Xavier Institute For Higher Learning

I wrote the recently re-written Araña (Anya Corazon) bio.

I wrote the original Venom (Mac Gargan) article, though there were several creative, expressive discussions (arguments) about it, and (not because I did anything bad) the version now posted is quite different. However, I have done major work editing the current bio.


Glossary Entries

I created the entry for "Alternate Dimension" in the glossary.



I also created the Realities category.


Disambiguation Pages

Parker, Ben

Parker, May


Disambiguation Page Entries

Please visit my website, [1].