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Marvel Universe 



The one your in now duh!

Real Name
Blake Preece

Spider-Man, Blake, Spider-Blake.


United States

Place of Birth
Bellevue, Ohio

First Appearance
He gained his super powers not so long ago.

The Phenominal Spider-Blake! #1

A 13 year old boy one day walked into a science convention and was injected with radio active spider venom and was given powers just like the superhero Spider-Man. The only difference was Blake could transform into a spider. Once Blake realized what kind of powers he had, he created his own costume and joined Spider-Man in fighting crime. It all started one day when Blake and his class were on a field trip to the newly opened science museum in Cleveland. As the class arrived, each individual climbed off the bus. The first off was Blake. Blake was a smart, fast, and athletic individual. Some called him a nerd for the high grades he obtained. As he stepped off the bus, their was a man in a black suit that that said he would like to talk to him. Blake's teacher told him to be off with his business. This man was none other than Norman Osborn. He captured Blake and brought him back to his secret lab. In this lad, Osborn had newly developed a new "spider-venom" to copy the effects of Peter Parker. As Osborn injected the venom into Blake, Blake began to feel different. Blake suddenly broke out of Osborn's grasps, and ran away at amazing speeds. Later that night, Blake began to notice many changes within himself. He began to notice that he had gained powers. Some of these powers were wall crawling, super speed, super strength, super agility, and the power to turn into a spider. Blake then developed a costume of his own (modeled off of Spider-Man's), and began crime fighting.

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