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The Real World

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The Anonymous Nobody, formerly Walrus

Public... not that anyone gives a hoot


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Even Super Heroes need to obey the law!

What is there to say? I live in Montreal, Quebec (but my first language is English) and I read Marvel. I'd say friends, food, sleep, and Marvel are all part of my survival. I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgable about a wide range of things when it comes to Marvel (particularly concerning the Hulk, Sentry, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Magneto, my favorites ^-^) but then, I know next to nothing about all that cosmic stuff and various other areas of Marvel. I've just started writing reviews at Spider-Fan.Org.

I've contributed my share to this site. I've created such articles as Planet Hulk, The Other, Tracer, Morlun (my first article ever approved), Watchtower, Battleworld and Collective, to name a few. I even created a category! Its nothing, really, but I guess its kind of cool. Even though I'm not credited, I created the Planet Hulk category, as well as three of the articles in it: Brood (Planet Hulk), Skee, Lavin and Planet Hulk.

I'm also the admin of a new dinky fan forum called [