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Marvel Universe 



Real World

Real Name
Brent Anderson

Ricochet, Maverick, Dark Arrow, Spartan, SuperSpartan 242



Place of Birth
Raleigh, North Carolina

First Appearance
August 26, 2006


Brent Anderson is known by most as an average high school student in North Carolina. By few, he is known as SuperSpartan 242. He is a product of a secret experiment run by the United States government, "The Spartan Project". The project was designed to infuse human DNA with enhanced genetic chemicals before the body had fully matured. It struggled to complete the experiment successfully, but after many years of constant trial the experiment worked. The altered humans that resulted were called Spartans. After the enormous breakthrough the project gained funding and continued it's operations. They developed an advanced, improved, and slightly unstable second version of the Spartan, the SuperSpartan. Brent Anderson was one such creation, one of few to maintain stability and survive. "The Spartan Project" continued to operate and assess Brent's abilities until his unstable emotions caused him to crack. He escaped the facility and is currently evading the Project's forces. He created an alias and he spends his days at school, undercover as a normal teenager. He spends his nights on the streets, putting his abilities to good use as a vigilante by the name of Quicksilver.