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Marvel Universe 


== Headline text ==Bold text Stork23 (Jordan's) account

5 favorite super heroes:
1. Iron Man
2. Ghost Rider
3. Dead Pool
4. Moon Knight
5. Dare Devil

 These super heroes are all so cool and are my favorite su[er heroes. I've seen the movies for all of the above super heroes except for Moon Knight obviously beacause there is no Moon Knight movie. I seen Iron Man at the world premier and it was so awsome ( the first day it comes out on DVD I'm getting it), and I also got the Iron Man movie video game for the Wii. My favorite video game I have is: " Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" witch has 25 different super heroes you can use and has 7 different Marvel based headquarters. I have read Moon Knight, Iron Man , Dr.Strange , Spider Man, Runaways , Fantastic 4 and Captain Cannuck (a.k.a. Major Mapleleaf) comics.