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Marvel Universe 



Real World

Real Name
Brent Anderson

SuperSpartan242, Quicksilver, Maverick, Dark Arrow, Lionheart, Ghost, Leon



Place of Birth
Raleigh, North Carolina

First Appearance
June 6, 2008


Brent Anderson was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. From the time of his birth Brent exhibited an unusual stamina and physical durability. When he was eight years old he suffered a fatal injury that should have caused him to bleed to death without question. However, while in the ambulance, the paramedics noticed that his wound was closing remarkably quickly, nearly eliminating the need for any treatment. They reported this and were instructed to deliver the boy to a building belonging to the Christopher Reeve foundation.

In the facility, the employed scientists observed that within 1 hour, the puncture wound that had left a gaping hole in the boys leg, completely healed over. After various tests and conferences Brent was submitted to an underground venture within the CRF. It was called the Spartan project. This development had been attempted once before in the previous decade but had failed tragically. The project’s subjects had lacked the necessary abilities that were required for its experiments. Now however, they had acquired such a subject. They called it SuperSpartan242. Over a period of sixteen months SuperSpartan242 underwent various procedures and surgeries that modified his body structure and abilities. They replaced his entire skeletal system with an internal armor system that is constructed of a Vibranium-Adamantium alloy that resides just under his skin, containing his internal organs. This armor is capable not only of protecting and stabilizing 242, but is comprised of various sensors that allow his AI (artificial intelligence) implant as well as the Project to monitor his activities and conditions at all times. His AI, titled Artemis, grants him extremely enhanced reflexes that border on precognition. Once his construction and configuration were complete, SuperSpartan242 was vigorously trained in his abilities. He also completed a multitude of combat simulations and learned various state-of-the-art military tactics. At age fifteen SuperSpartan242 was complete. He was used as an indestructible weapon of war and government control via the United States Air Force. His deployments ranged from simple domestic security issues to Counter Terrorism Missions. He was the ultimate military contrivance. Three years after his deployment, a nurse from the Christopher Reeve Foundation sent SuperSpartan242 a package that contained a ring engraved with his birth name and a small piece of paper on which was written: “I felt it was right to give you these. May God save us all.” SuperSpartan242 began to put the ring on when Artemis warned him that she detected a computer implant within the ring that contained data signatures extremely similar to those of human memories. Noting her warning, SuperSpartan242 proceeded to put the ring on. As soon as he did so, his mind was immersed in lost memories of his past. He recalled his true history and in doing so he remembered how he actually came to be part of the Spartan Project. At the age of eighteen, he had been in an accident and taken to a hospital, where he recovered almost instantly. A nurse there told him that he should speak with a representative of the Christopher Reeve Foundation. He ignored her and continued home with his girlfriend. The Spartan Project tracked them down and hunted them. After numerous bouts of violent resistance the Project finally captured him and inducted him into their experiments. The memories of his injury at age eight, how he came to the Spartan Project, and his current age had all been implanted in him during his construction. After distinguishing his true past from these synthetic memories, Brent abandoned the Spartan Project. Since he had grown attached to his AI, he severed her connection to the Project and kept her.

Currently, Brent Anderson travels internationally, combating tyranny, terrorism, and the Spartan Project. He is known publicly as the masked mercenary, Quicksilver.