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Marvel Universe 

User:Talkback master



Real Name
unknown (goes by Jason Worrthington)

formerly obliterator, webs, wraith, game freak, Dozer.


US citizen

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Dominant #1 (2008)

Dominant #3-6

{{bio| bio_text= little is known about Talkback master. He originally lived in Victorville, California. After being ambushed by the Obliterators in their early years, He moved to New Orleans. Absolutely nothing is about him in New Orleans, but once he moved to Randolph, New Jersey and started to attend an underground Anti-Initiative school called Karris, all of his skeletons have fallen right out of the closet.Jason attends Karris having immediately started by showing up the head Jock, Vetim Persley. In doing so he became amember of the most feared member of a group known as the Vipers. He later ran into an old flame, Alex, from his from his old team. He later quit the Vipers to join the Justifiers, a group of freshmen. After a mission to defeat a crazed robot that resmbled Ultron-5 Jason met up with an old teammate, Shinobi(real name: Kenny Quintanilla). Kenny convinced JAson and Alex to go to Japan to retrive Liz, another teammate. In doing so they met up with Jason's ex-girlfriend Chelsea who was calling herself Negami. Negami and Liz were both murdered by Pierson, a trained Assassin who was hired to kill Talkback master, Alex, and Ben, Alex's boyfriend. After the team slayed Pierson, they returned to Randolph. Kenny now attends their school. Jason later learned that he was the heir to Pierson's house in Germany. The team discovered there that they were to compete in a tournament to see who the best hero was. the contest was interupted mid-stream when Jason's old enemies, the Round Table, joined the contest. Jason was doing fine until the last round when he had to fight Ben. It was then revealed that whoever set up Pierson into attacking the team had hired a shapeshifter to infiltrate the Jusifiers and pretend to be Ben. The shapeshifter then sliced off Jason's arm knoching him into the lava pit. After all was said and done, Rather than grow a new arm back Jason decided to leave it the way it was as a reminder of his failure. He then left to Russia to find the real Ben.

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