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Marvel Universe 


The Basics:

Universe: Marvel Universe Real Name : Devlin Greystone Aliases : unknown Occupation : Adventurer(at the time of his death) Citizenship : unknown Place of Birth : unknown Known Relatives : unknown Group Affiliation : X-Factor,Xavier Security Enforces. Education : unknown


Height : variable Weight: variable Eyes :black Hair :black


Powers : Greystone had the capacity to increase his size.


First Appearance :X-Factor #140 Origin : Unrevealed Significant Issues :X-Factor # 140-145;149


Greystone was part of the XSE (Xavier Security Enforces),as well as Bishop;his sister Shard,Fixx and others. Times later that Bishop came to our time, the XSE come to arrest Trevor Fitzroy. A time passed,Greystone and Fixx,had involved with X-Factor(later that the XSE, believing that Havok would be a treasonous one, and collating Havok and Shard, together with Mystique.Later,everything was clarified.)Greystone saw Multiple Man, and accused he,alleging that he would be a treasonous one.Soon,Greystone lost his control,and wanted to run away.Greystone caught the X-Factor's ship,Havok tried to hinder,but the ship finished blowing up.Greystone did not appear again.Certainly he died.