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Bold textCharles Xavier is one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, he and Magneto Founded a mutant school for young mutants who otherwise have been rejected by their own family and have no place to go. Charles Xavier and Magneto created the Cerebo,which allows Charles to detect mutants in a far greater range than on his own. Charles Xavier founded the X-men to help mutants learned to control there powers. Although society finds mutants repulsive, Charles see's mutant ablities as a girt not a disease.

The first class of X-men included Storm and Cyclops, later on a new member came to join the X-men his name was Logan also known as Wolverine, Wolverine joined the X-men after a sucessful escape from The Weapon X program, but Wolverine does not recall these memories because he was shot in the head several times with an adamantium round.

Charles Xavier has a very high intellect and often sends the X-men on mission so they can learn to work as a team,although Xavier is in charge of the team he isn't exactly the leader of the team on missions, that went to Scott Summers Aka Cyclops but Cyclops lost he position due to his grief of the death of Jean Gray. The position was then handed to Wolverine.