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Marvel Universe 


Image:Hulk_Head2.jpgMy name is Venom-Hulk. I first went to to get features on Spiderman 3. The night after I saw the movie, I became more engrossed with the site. I became facinated with Marvel while I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which led me to discover all of the storyline that the movies didn't cover. I also wanted to get up to date info on other movies that were scheduled to come out. So that night, I became a member. I have begun starting an excellent hobby of posting, as well as also adding small details to the EU. Every day I am liking more and more.

My favorite characters in Marvel make up my name, and are my favorite characters of all time. I also like Galactus, She-Hulk, and many other heroes and villans. I am currently have a Sidekick rating on the boards, and am waiting for results to come back from multiple contributions I made. Hopefully I'll be able to add more to this page soon. Image:Venominline_1.jpg