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Marvel Universe 


I started collecting comics in the early 90's. It was all Marvel back then, mostly X-Men related titles. Eventually I started getting more into the Fantastic Four, Punisher and Ghost Rider comics as well. As I entered high school and college, I drifted away from collecting. With the release of the Marvel movies in recent times, my interest has returned, and now I subscribe to Amazing Spidey, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine from Marvel, along with a monthly trip to the LCS to fill in the rest of the Marvel Universe gaps. I have also started reading DC's Batman and Batman/Superman titles as well. I think I'll be reading Marvel for the rest of my life, no matter what crazy plot twists occur and characters die, there will always be something interesting to read from Marvel for me. I don't have a collection that is valuable money wise, but it still is valuable to me. I kind of miss all those crazy cover schemes back in the 90's, with holograms, foil, glow in the dark, etc.