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X-Treme entry

Hi there! Were you the original author or do you have the author's permission to use text cribbed from "Adam-X The X-Treme Webpage" at As is the Marvel Universe policy, I can't accept your X-Treme profile because it is too closely cribbed. This is still considered plagiarism. A couple of examples: They say "Strong Industries was a plant, just outside the city limits of Denver, where several mutants were brought to, and actually (supposedly) taken good care of. It was there Adam-X met Michelle." You say "Michelle Balters fled from Strong Industries – a plant, based outside of Denver, where mutants were supposedly taken good care of" Also, they: "The opening page shows him carrying Captain Marvel, while scaling a mountain. They climb up it to seek out a place X-Treme has called 'home' for the last two months. A Shi'ar ship called the Aerie." You, "Adam-X is next seen with Captain Marvel scaling a mountain, headed for the ship that Adam-X has called home for the last two months – the Aerie." You have to use only Marvel comics or the Official Handbooks as sources. --Danny Waah! 11:35, 20 December 2006 (CST)

It's me!

I am Tawmis (one and the same who runs and the X-Treme fan site on and added the Adam-X info here) :)