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In regards to your Magneto edit

"Magneto has limited mental powers, and can cast an illusion of himself to go forward to places and communicate with people. He can also sense other mutants. (he did this in X-Men 6 to find Namor and communicate with him)"

Issue numbers only get listed under debut or significant issues. Make sure you follow the correct format for significant issues too-example: Sensed other mutants (X-Men #6, 2007). Or whatever the release year was. It can be frustrating at first but trial and error is the way it must be. I found this link here helped me out a lot. Help:Contents. I have also found that looking at other profiles has helped as well, especially ones completed and locked like Spider-Man or Wolverine. Re-submit your edits when you clean it up. Good luck. - --mickeys4life 01:47, 14 July 2007 (EDT)