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Thanks for contributing to the site. However I'd like to make a few quick formatting points about the stuff you've been adding. First and foremost, please DO NOT number characters. Warpath was never called Thunderbird II, he was Thunderbird. Jean Grey was not Phoenix IV (or I, II, or III). We do not use numbering to distinguish between two characters with similar codenames - from the Handbook FAQ "numbering is an inefficient way of tracking characters who share the same name. Is Betty Ross "Golden Girl I" because she appeared in the real world several decades before Gwen Sabuki "Golden Girl II"? Or, since Gwen was active during WWII and Betty wasn't active until after the war, should the numbers be the other way around? Many people call Adrian Toomes "Vulture I" to distinguish him from Blackie Drago "Vulture II" and Clifton Shallot "Vulture III"...except there were at least two costumed criminals called the Vulture who pre-date Toomes and are simply less well-known than he is (and even more Vultures if you count Robert E. Howard related stories such as Conan). The trouble with the numbering is that

it's easy to get wrong, because you overlook some obscure prior character with the same name (the Vulture) it's easy to get wrong because some writer creates a retcon characters who now pre-dates everyone else on the list (the 1700s Captain America, the Gwen Sabuki Golden Girl, etc); different people figure their numbering different ways (Golden Girl being the perfect example of this); it doesn't actually supply any info to people who didn't realise there was more than one person of that name until they saw the numbering."

The second thing is more minor - in relatives, you had listed "Scott Summers / Cyclops (brother)". If a relative has an alias, we list it this way "Scott Summers (Cyclops, brother)".

I approved Havok and then amended it to fit the correct formatting, but I'd ask if you could correct the other edits you've made please, before they are considered for approval. Thanks. Stuart Vandal 09:37, 14 March 2006 (EST)

Bobecc, I notice your Ronan the Accuser additions are from Wikipedia. While there is a Free User agreement on that site, allowing the information there to be reposted, we strongly discourage people from taking information from any other site, as accuracy (especially on Wikipedia where anyone can post unmoderated) cannot be guaranteed. It is always best to take your information direct from the comics themselves. Stuart Vandal 13:37, 14 March 2006 (EST)