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Clawite, The Spider-Carnage image doesn't fit well on the page, as placed. It's sort of floating between paragraphs. --MikeFichera 17:54, 8 March 2006 (EST)

Spiderman Costumes

Which one is the best if you include Ben Reilly then Scarlet spider

"I've been on it's okay but not perfect. I get most of my info on" posted by Clawite on MikeFichera's usertalk page

Please don't rely on information taken from wikipedia. Since anyone can add information there with little moderation, it is a highly unreliable source of information. Best to go to the original comics. As for online sources, there are only a handful of sites I trust to be reliable, and Spider-Fan is one of them. - Stuart Vandal (not affiliated with Spider-Fan, btw).

Regarding your Iron Man additions - I can't approve them because you have entered history in the origin section (which is only there to list which issues the origin has been detailed, not for a lengthy treatise about the character's history) AND made repeated references such as "The comic took a fairly right-wing anti-Communist stance in its early years, which was softened as the comics readership displayed opposition to the Vietnam War. This took place in a series of stories with Stark profoundly reconsidering his political opinions" - which does NOT belong in the character's history. Leave discussion of such things for the character's talk page or the message boards. The character's bio should be written as if you were an impartial observer WITHIN the Marvel universe, and so should not list specific comics ("Iron Man Vol. 1, #283 (August 1992). "War Machine". Art by Kevin Hopgood.") or personal analysis of the background behind stories being written. Stuart Vandal 15:36, 12 March 2006 (EST)

Why can't I add to the deadpool profile????