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Spider-Man 2099 (Exiles)

He is not the same guy as Spider-Man (2099). When Proteus got in that reality its history changed making it a alternative universe. Original is designated as Earth-928 and this new guy with Exiles is from Earth-6375 that diverted from the original. The Exiles comic book had the wrong universe number listed for a while it was recently changed to Earth-6375 on Spider-Man. You can check it yourself. Also it was earlier than that mentioned in A-NOHotMU #5 in Hyperion bio that the Hulk's body that Proteus stole was from Earth-6375 and so for Spider-Man from the Exiles is also from there. That bio has the right info on it and Exiles #75 is his first appearance, because he is not the original. --Wezqu 18:05, 29 June 2007 (EDT)