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I'm a Hardcore Christian, and I would like to find out about if there is any Christian Based Characters. Could anybody help me Out? dstryer

Yes, there are a few. Firebird is a devout Christian, Prester John ruled a Christian kingdom and so is unlikely to be anything else, Nightcrawler is very openly Christian, and considered becoming a priest, Illuminator was another Christian hero, Daredevil is also Christian. The X-Men foe Reverand Stryker is also Christian, though he sets a poor example to say the least. There's plenty of other heroes and villains who are probably Christian, but we just haven't seen examples of them openly showing their faith in some manner. And now that I've answered your question, I'm going to delete the page you made asking it, because you used a character page to ask a question rather than describe a character. Stuart Vandal 18:33, 23 August 2006 (EDT)