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Regarding the Noxious Nine profile you posted. First, if you post a profile without using the templates it won't get approved. Second, if you post a profile taken without permission from another website, that's plagiarism, and we frown on that here; it won't get approved and if you keep doing it, you run the risk of being banned. PLAGIARISM IS WRONG. Third, if the site you plagiarise is the Marvel Appendix, which is exactly what you did when you posted the Noxious Nine profile copied verbatim from that site, be aware that most of the moderators are writers for that site; we will recognise the work, we will delete the stolen work, and all you will have achieved is getting us annoyed at you. Stuart Vandal 10:28, 20 August 2006 (EDT), moderator

You clearly either didn't read this, or ignored me, because I see you reposted the same copied profile, complete with the same profiling mistakes too, less than a day after I deleted it the first time round. Don't do it again. Stuart Vandal 12:29, 21 August 2006 (EDT), moderator