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Hi GPickup. I've approved your Irene Merryweather profile, but wanted to bring up a few points for future profiles. First, if someone is being listed by a real name (Irene Merryweather, Nick Fury, Ben Reilly, etc) as opposed to a codename (Captain America, Black Widow, etc) then the page should be "Surname, Forename" - e.g. "Merryweather, Irene". Second, try and stay in past tense in the history - because IT IS history. You did pretty well overall on that front except for "Fearing that she may uncover something," which should have been "Fearing that she might uncover something". Going into present tense for the final "where are they now" type wrap-up is okay in this case. Third, remember to spell-check - "chronicle", not "chronical", and that we use U.S. spelling - "traveling", not "travelling" (though I can forgive the latter, as I make the same slip too at times, not being American). Otherwise, good start profile for the character. Stuart Vandal 16:47, 13 March 2006 (EST)

Thanks Stuart, I'll break out the spell checker (and change it from UK to US!) and try to remember past tenses for future profiles.


Hi Stuart,

For some of the profiles I've written (Copycat and Black Mamba) my name has gone from the contribution and the history section - both profiles had been approved and where live but now show someone else as the contributor. Is there a reason this happens, thanks in advance for any response. GPickup

Hi GPickup

Not sure what happened to your credits on the contributions list. If you hadn't said the edits had been approved, I would have said that someone else has made an edit and then approved it, which does wipe unapproved edits credits. Are you sure they were approved? If you are currently able to have your posts show without waiting for approval from a moderator, then even though your post shows, it hasn't been approved yet, and a subsequent edit might theoretically wipe your credit. If it's not that, then I'm stumped, and you need to ask Pete. Stuart Vandal 04:07, 18 March 2006 (EST)

Thanks Stuart, I've posted a note to Pete asking for help. I've noticed another of bios has the same problem, I wrote one for Slayback (at the end of Feb) it went live and it now shows as being created 18th March. Hopefully Pete will be able to tell me if its something I've donw wrong. GPickup.