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My son is very interested in comics and I'm wanting to do something nice for him tomorrow was hoping someone could help me with where to start for him.He's wanting to collect his interest are x-men,and the avengers please help i collected when I was a kid but there is so much more out there now not sure what to get him.
thanks Chris --Galadrielchris

I moved it to your own user page since it had nothing to do with Savage Land.
Since you son likes X-MEN and AVENGERS there are a lot of comics with them that can be bought for him (limited series and monthly series). If there is a local comic shop near you, you can go there and they should be able to help you out better. If you don't have one near you, there are internet stores (just do a googgle search for comic shops or use the link to Midtown Comics on main page) and you can order from there. Just do a search for the X-MEN and AVENGERS titles and various related comics will show up to pick from. Hope this helps you. --DragynWulf 16:12, 15 July 2006 (EDT)