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Marvel Universe 

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Andrew Stewart




Place of Birth
Martinsburg, West Virginia

First Appearance


Son of one of the most brillaint scientists in the world, young Andrew was equally intelligent at a young age. While on a school trip to his father's lab, the school bully pushed him into an unknown chemical compound created by his father and the world famous Reed Richards. When he came into contact with the substance he immediately blacked out. The concoction had a surprising effect on him, it made him nearly inpentraple which prevented the nurse from putting the I.V. in his arm. Once he regained conciousness, he was released from the hospital. He quickly discovered that he had super speed and super strength when the school bully started a fight between the two. Afterwards he decided to follow in Captain America's footsteps, and use his powers to benefit all of mankind. He does this as Greenecho. More recently, he went into hiding due to the Super Human Registration Act.

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