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Holo78, I suggest you look at the rules of this site and how to post articles. Your actions here, as of now, are reminiscent of a previous user who went by the name of venomspider. As a matter of fact, some of his statements were very close to yours as were the stats he attempted to put up here that were incorrect. I had tried to give him advice and direct him to the proper way to post bios here, but he didn't listen and was banned from the site. If I were you, I would definitely check out the help pages here and read the rules the moderators have set otherwise you may end up like poor venomspider. Just remember, Talk pages are NOT for posting profiles. If you continue to disrespect this site, and the work people do here, I will bring it to a moderator's attention and let them deal with you accordingly. Please follow the rules, so we can all enjoy this site. Thank you for your time. -- acotilletta

We are all enjoying the website and i have followed the rules but you never said you can changde the handbooks,eneypedia,dark reign files and yearbook etc i have ditted them. No Thank you for insipried me and my friends venomspider123 he is currently working for marvel, and my xvenomtoxin134 was blocked by them he is working for and we are all soorry but we got the avengers handbok,Spider man yeabook and more and we editted them -- holo78

First of all, Holo78, I didn't say you couldn't edit any information here either as long as you're changing it with the right information. You say you know the rules, but if you actually knew the rules, you would know that you make an edit to a profile and then wait for a moderator to approve them. You NEVER use Talk pages to post bios. Next thing you have to do is use a spell check and properly word any statements you want to put into a profile. The moderators don't have time to correct everyone's work. You know, it doesn't surprise me that you know venomspider, but even if he is "working" for a marvel fan site, that doesn't mean the correct information is posted there. The ONLY site for correct information on Marvel characters is right here. Just because you see it somewhere else, does not make it okay to post it on here. Any moderator will tell you that, but if you are putting up what you say is correct information, just be patient and a moderator will eventually approve your work. Thanks again. -- acotilletta

Okay and That just seems rude and also i been waiting for my edits to come when will it being come I have been paicint enoengh so hurry upholo78

No one is trying to be rude holo78. You just have to wait for a moderator to approve your edits. If you go to the categories link and choose Mods from the list, you'll see who the moderators are for this website. Maybe you can post a message for them on their talk pages, and they will approve your work after they check it. We all had to wait for the moderators to approve us when we first started out here. It can be frustrating, but they usually get around to it when time permits. They have other obligations besides maintaining the site. Don't make demands like in your previous statement. They're not bad guys - just very busy. -- acotilletta

Could you please stop trying to edit same bios every day. If the edit didn't get aproved earlier it will not be even if you spam it every day. Also most of your edits have writing mistakes or is not information from a handbook. For example your own estimations of some characters heights and weights that are not from any handbook. Also changing images to other ones when the picture is of the correct character even if the character has changed his alias and costume should not be done until the page is moved under that alias. Also this goes to other thing that you should not do. You should not copy paste profiles to different place where you think "it should be". Only people who can move profiles here are the moderators. You are causing more harm than you are helping as some of your edits might get "accidentally" approved and then somebody has to fix mistakes you made. --Wezqu 19:09, 9 May 2009 (EDT)

It was the comics Anti-vneom is Eddie Brock and i wanted to revised it and gargan is the same size and the symbiote is like the Iron Man and other armors only it's an alien ooze and merdges with a human i have the Sp[pider-man enecepedia and it is cahndged okay so come on give me some slack Iron Patriot is norman osborn and has hthis armor is a recolor of Iron man he has all of the same powers and besieds hawkeye is bullseye and Captain marvel is Noh varr and Moonstone is Ms.marvel and loki is a Female now and the cabal is born thing is not that short destroyer is not that short either. Holo78 20:01, 13 May 2009 (EDT)

Ok, if you mean the Spider-Man Encyclopedia that was published in 2003 its profiles are already out of date and most of them has already had new versions made in different handbooks. Also now I will answer you claims you said that are how they are. Yes Brock is Anti-Venom, but your edits are full of writing mistakes and some of your additions are not in any handbook like heights and weights. Also stating he has the powers of Venom as Anti-Venom is not needed as the powers are already stated in the bio. Also to your point that Gargan is same size than Brock is not so. Gargan is one inch shorter than Brock and his weight is also right on the bio. Your edits to increase his weight with over 500 lbs. is wrong. He is not listed with that much weight in any of the handbooks or encyclopedias. Also your claim that the symbiote would weight so much is not so in the handbooks the symbiote weights only about the 25 lbs. it to weight like 500 lbs. would be silly. Also saying that Iron Patriot has the same powers as Iron Man is not right as he doesn't have all the powers of Iron Man as his armor is not anyway even related to Starktech but his own Oscorp technology. Also saying that would not even tell the reader what the armor can do if the person doesn't know the other character and so its not right and as it can't even do all that the Iron Man armor could. Yes those villians are now calling themselves with former Avengers aliases, but your edits on them are full of writing mistakes and false information so they won't get approved also trying to move them by yourself is against the rules. The Cabal is not anyway Illuminati so you claiming it is doesn't make it so. Thing's and Destroyer's heights are both right as they are listed like that in the most latest handbook bio made about the individual character. Also I once again say to you that you have no rights to move bios and copy paste is not allowed either as its not proper way to move bios. --Wezqu 16:21, 13 May 2009 (CDT)

Holo78. I've been trying to correct the current Green Goblin page with information on the Iron Patriot, revising grammatical errors you make so often. Second of all, removing information you put in the stats. Where do you come up with his in-armor stats? There is no proof behind these statements, you are only assuming that he has the same size suit as Iron Man. I do not like how you take it upon yourself to make this stuff up, as it is one of the best sources for Marvel comic books information. What people see here is what they think is fact. I would just like to let you know, do NOT make things up, that is the worst thing you can do on this, and the second would be the grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors you make. Use a program with a spell-check before you ask for approval to an article. --~CodyJohnson~