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User talk:Irishranger

Hi, your contribution to Ultimate Spider-Man was not approved for a couple of reasons. First, you have to check your spelling and grammar before you submit. Treat this like it's being published professionally...because it is. We're letting the fans help write these pages, but we still need top quality writing. Second, you give too much detail. We can't include a summary of every issue in these bios. The vampire story deserves maybe a sentence or 2. These bios have to be concise. --MikeFichera 21:35, 1 January 2007 (CST), moderator

Watching a story, not telling a story...

When making a profile, please give the history as if you were watching the events happen as if you were the character the Watcher. Not like you were telling a story to someone. For example phrases like "Conundrum ambushes the Jack-O-Lantern" should be "Conundrum ambushed the Jack-O-Lantern" and "Conundrum’s story begins when a group of terrorists, claiming to be the army of Conundrum, attack" should be something like "When a group of terrorists claiming to be the army of Conundrum attacted (should be past tense because events took place in the past)" and other examples like this. This is why your Conundrum profile could not be approved and deleted. Also when creating links, the there should be no spaces between the "[[".
Also it is okay to referance a storyline title (Identity Crisis) only if it called that in the story itself such as House of M has been done. If it hasn't, then please give a discription of the story instead. For example for the Identity Crisis story use something like "when Peter Parker was having a crisis with his identity" (not an exact phrase to use, but just an example). If there is an event page created for that, you can link to the event using the words that discribe the event. --DragynWulf 20:09, 9 January 2007 (CST)

Forest Hills

On your Forest Hills edits - yes, that should be Danny, not Quentin...or you can add a third Mysterio claiming to be the late Quentin Beck. Also, Pete is not disguised to look like his late clone - he's just blond and using his name. If he's in disguise, using someone who looked just like him wouldn't make sense. --MikeFichera 22:42, 7 February 2007 (CST)