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Marvel Universe 

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Real Name
Scott white




Place of Birth
New York

First Appearance

Knight slayer#1

When scott was born he had very strange abilities.But with the strange disapearance of his parents at age twelve the government decided that he should live on his own so they issued him a home.Then at the age that he started high school he started to feel strange then his powers kicked in and he got scared.After these strange events and the arrival of the gang known as "The Black blades" The knight slayer made his second mistake considering that his first mistake was made when he tried to stop a building from collapsing and the authorities thought that he had caused the explosion when it was actually a thug.


After the battle of the gang scott found himself in a new situation as the love of his life Meagan had been taken hostage by the Black Blade Bandit, Scott rushed to save her but was quickly defeated by The Black Blade Bandit.Even though he did save Meagan he still felt like he had lost the entire battle.Then, the Black Blade Bandit returned and battled Knight slayer on the top of a building almost ending both of their lives.

Contributors: Knight slayer and Knight+slayer


After the battle scott decided to stop and focus on school work once again.But The Black blade Bandit returned once again.This time almost kiling scott the battle was long and then The Black Blade Bandit revealed to be the scientist William Somersman.After The Black Blade Bandit Reavealed himself the Knight slayer started to beat the Black Blade Bandit.Then The Black Blade Bandit took Knight slayer's mask off revealing to just be an ordinary school boy.Thankfully knight slayer won and The Bandit seemed to be dead but struck one more explosive blade at Knight slayer then opened a portal and vanished.Thankfully no one saw knight slayers real identity except for his best friend Ryan and,yes the love of his life,Meagan.No one knows for sure where or what happened to the Black blade bandit but his Whereabout's are known by someone.