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Greetings true-believers! Stan W. Lee here, sounding the tolling of an heroic epic, and a quest carried, from it's shine in dark ages, to it's lack luster flicker in these shadows of modern Mordor's Illumination.

Once upon a time, a Giant and his good friend went hunting bears. The particular bear they encounterd on one fateful day, was a creature much smarter than the average bear, and it surprised the hunters with a furious ambush. A great cry went out into the world. The world seemed to hold fast it's cycle of moments for the two comrades, and when the echoes of limbo did settle, there was one less arm amoungst the hunters. Time churned a bitter flattery, yet until that day the accident in the silver mines would change the course of human history forever. Necroconomy was born in the remnants of two tragedies. Lost hand, and crushed soul whose appendage protruded in such beckoning temptation of earth's moan, met resolute Giant's tender wish, a jolly and caring friend.

I am not one able to fathom the lunacy by which the words of desire and contest did come to be underhandedly whispered in the ear of the sleeping conquest, but so it was that in a land of creeps and casinos maggia science bore it's daunt.

Our planet is governed by two powers. The absolute power over body, and the absolute power over mind. And, there is a frontline.

No, you won't find the X-Men skirmishing here, not Captain America, not even Willy Lumpkin. (Oddly enough though, Chris "X-Files" Carter came by selling wolverine X-Mas cards many moons ago). What we have here are Runaways, Celestials, and of course the ever dominating incredulous Hulkos of Puny Banter. Genosha turns a total tide of Giant Gene-pools, e'er dwarfing the homonculi of the Ourobouros. But as Pestilence bears the crux, it is beneath the surface of maggia science, in the hiden [mispelled for poetic license, hint hint] gambits of the Criminal Investigations Division from a storybook land that the world will come to the next war.

I implore of you, chose that theatre wisely.

Why the W.? Well that's because I am Mystery-esque.

Suffice it to say!