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Lady Bullseye and Hala Profiles

The information from Hala I just know... I'm pretty sure it's correct... Lady Bullseye I took from one of my Official Handbooks. I think it's the A-Z update 2. I have it upstairs now. I believe it has her on the front cover with characters like Skaar and Pixie... Marvel_Adam

I just wanted to check with you (since you created the profiles) where did you get the stats for Lady Bullseye and Hala as well as the bio text? When you post information on the website, you should cite the sources you used. I have a feeling I know, but I wanted to ask you first. acotilletta

The Lady Bullseye stats appear to be taken from the Marvel Comics Character Database ( which is considered plagiarism. --Ohitsme 09:42, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

You see Marvel Adam, the reason I asked you is because I already knew you took the information from, but I wanted to see if you'd be honest about it. I did my research first on both Lady Bullseye and Hala profiles before writing to you. Now since ohitsme already amended the Lady Bullseye profile I won't delete that for plagiarism, but the Hala profile will be deleted shortly. Please do not take information from other websites as it could be incorrect, and any time you post anything to a profile on this site, please list your sources. Further violations of the plagiarism rule will get you banned. Read posting guidelines for this website before you post anything else. Thank you. Acotilletta