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For the glossary, regarding time: Time is structured in timewaves, in what is its energy form. Though invisible to any current Earth technology, but by other more advanced civilizations, who have the knowledge of and wield the might of time, know that time is made up of waves that flow into and with the continuum...perpetually, thus an infinite continuum. Much like brainwaves that hold the knowledge of the brain of the person to which it is a part of, timewaves hold every information that ever was, is, and ever will be, of the continuum, and for the more advanced lifeforms and civilizations, it is merely a matter of connecting/linking upto and with a timewave. By advanced lifeforms, it is implied for mutants of Earth as well, i.e. telepaths, who 'see' the future, like the mutant Destiny; for when they 'see' the future, they are in essence linking upto and with a timewave, and like mentioned before, timewaves are precisely like brainwaves in that they hold within themselves information, and for these gifted telepaths, they read timewaves much like they do brainwaves to read someone's mind, except they are reading the continuum's 'mind'. Also that is how the more advanced lifeforms like the Elders of The Universe, such as, Tath Ki is able to 'tap' into the universe itself and become at 'one' with the universe and know the 'secrets' it holds, as shown in him and others like him, as innate knowledge, but not to confuse the term innate knowledge with one who is genuinely born with knowledge not taught to him. But for the most part, meaning those who do not have such powers of 'sight', even if they have other powers, while in essence knowledge does abound, by way of perpetual timewaves, it is untapped least for these folks.