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In case you're wondering why your update to Ultimate Black Cat wasn't approved - not to pick on you, but to explain the rationale of the Mods.
I didn't see that the Black Cat was "in love" with him. She was a flirt. She's not aware of his secret identity now - just (briefly) what he looks like.
Also, things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation matter. Your post should be of the same caliber as if it were published in a major print publication. "Spider-Man" is hyphenated. "Spider-Man's secret identity" gets an apostrophe. "Merely" is spelled wrong.
>>"During the gang war Felicia realized she loved Spiderman although he was resistant to her flirtatious advances. After the gang war Felicia unmasked Spiderman revealing that he was mearly a teenager causing her to regurgitate and flee through the night, adding another to the list of people aware of Spidermans secret identity."--MikeFichera 23:33, 15 August 2006 (EDT), Mod