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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Jaylen Maxwell

powerboy. Mega boy.

nont secret

Place of Birth
Illinois, Chicago

When Jaylen was two years old his parents died after being poisoned by a jealous man. Jaylen was taken to a nearby foster home and spent almost 7 years there. When he turned the age of 6 six he discovered that he had many diffrent talents. He inherited his powers from all his past realatives. He ended up gaining all of there talents, leaving him unbelevibly powerful. When he was around the age of four he meet his best friend Zelen. His friend also had special talents that he inherited from his realitives. They spent lots of time togther figuring out there powers together. With Zelen's special telekinetic powers he made a large underground hideout, to get away from the foster home. They did this countless times. After battiling a large monster with two other girls cowinsidentaly they decided to become group called the kid avengers.

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