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| key_characters = Valinor Nathan Garrett’s flying horse | key_issues = | tie-ins = Hank Pym, Nathan Garret }} {{eventhistory|event_text= Valinor (meaning Land of the Valar) is a fictional location from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, the realm of the Valar in Aman. It was also known as the Undying Lands, as only immortal souls were allowed to reside there, with some exceptions when it came to the bearers of the One Ring, and, it is said, Gimli also accompanied his friend Legolas to these lands. Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

Nathan Garrett rode the flying steed Valinor that was mutated by his own genetic engineering. The question must be asked how and when did he do this? It is my thought that he created this flying horse for his doctorate. After Garrett publication of his masters’ theory on genetic engineering he met a young brilliant scientist Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym. He was newly married to the beautiful Maria Trovaya while they were traveling Europe on the way to her home country of Bratislavia. Perhaps at the race track, Hank interrupts Garrett is he is being strong armed by mobsters looking for payment of bad bets he made. Pym pulls Garrett away going on about his work in genetic engineering. The mobster over hears this and later tells Garret to use this “genetic engineering” to fix the boss’s horse. After a beating Nathan agrees to do the work but he has to enlist the help of Pym. With the assistance of Maria the three take the horse to the Garrett estate’s stable. Subjecting the horse to a procedure Pym would later use on his second wife Janet, the two men hoped the beast would gain the speed of a bird. While waiting for a reaction the test horse mated with on other horse in the stable. Two foils came of this a black colt and a white filly. Nathan’s sister and her family also lived at the estate at this time. Maria became board with the scientists’ theories and would read Tolkien to Dane Nathan’s young nephew. To everyone’s surprise the horses grow wings, upon seeing them Dane named them Valinor and Aragorn. As expected one night the mobsters came to reclaim their horse. A fight ensued which ended when blasts of energy fired from the mother horse destroying the stable tripping the mobsters within. The two foils were later found sleeping in Danes tower nursery. Nathan told Hank and Maria it was too dangerous to stay and should continue traveling Europe. Maria offered to care for Valinor and Aragorn as her family is important in her home land. (The mother horse disappeared the night of the fire.) Garrett agreed to ship the yearlings after he showed them to the board of governors at Oxford. Nathan Garrett received his PhD in genetic engineering and sent them to Bratislavia to be cared by the Trovaya family.

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